We Specialize In All Kinds Of Renovation Projects Including Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, and Room Additions


Electrical Concepts is now expanding into the field of renovations. We guarantee the same level of customer service and high quality workmanship on our renovation projects as we do on electrical contracting projects.

Are you considering new countertops or cabinets? Maybe you have the need for additional working space in your kitchen and a new kitchen island could solve this problem. Do you need more recreation space for your children or need space for elder parents? A basement renovation may be the solution.

Room updates and small renovations can turn an aged/outdated home into an eye-pleasing and revitalizing space in which to live.

If you are considering a bathroom-basement-kitchen renovation, or small addition, we would be glad to provide a free quote and work with you to make your dreams a reality.

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• Natural sunlight is proven to be beneficial for our well-being of both our mind and body. Ask us about solar skylight options to allow natural sunlight into your home, office or warehouse.

• Why not ventilate your attic with a solar powered fan which provides free and clean energy to reduce the build-up of heat and moisture in your attic!  Give us a call for a free quote!


We offer electrical upgrades for our residential, commercial and industrial customers. There are many reasons to upgrade your service. This could involve bringing the service up to code or there could be safety issues with the old service.