We Are Your One-Stop Shop For Commercial, Industrial And Healthcare Electrical Needs. Wiring, Lighting, Maintenance & Service Upgrades, We Do It All

Commercial Buildings & healthcare settings

• We provide variety of electrical installations for commercial buildings, industrial and healthcare settings including, but not limited to, service upgrades, generator installations, control panels, CT cabinets, exhaust fans and exterior / security lighting.

• Experienced in healthcare and high-risk patient settings, Electrical Concepts is committed to your Facility’s patient privacy and safety. We can provide the appropriate wiring and lighting for these applications.

• Phone, cable and data wiring are also part of the services we can provide for your business or facility.

• Our services also include wiring for alarm and security systems and UPS.

• Electrical Concepts provides bonding and grounding services for commercial pools and can coordinate your annual pool inspection with your Township Electrical Inspector.

Bucket truck & trenching

• With a bucket truck in our fleet, Electrical Concepts can maintain/repair warehouse and lot lighting. Our bucket truck is also available for rental – CONTACT US FOR BUCKET TRUCK RENTAL.

• Electrical Concepts has the necessary equipment for your trenching needs.

plant maintenance

• Ensure optimum and continuous service by letting us maintain all of your lighting.

• We can also perform replacement of your motor control centers and wiring, motors or other equipment.

•  Allow us to service your parking lot and building exterior lighting.

• We are also able to perform electrical wiring for data centers.

Cellular Sites

We have over 20 years’ experience in wiring of cellular equipment, data and telecom for all cellular carriers. Electrical Concepts has expertise in grounding rings, lightening protection systems, grounding of equipment and cadwelding.


Does your facility need to be up and running 24/7 or does down-time lead to lost revenue? If so, check out our Generators page for more information.

energy saver services

Natural sunlight is proven to be beneficial for our well-being of both our mind and body. Ask us about solar skylight options to allow natural sunlight into your office or warehouse.


We offer electrical upgrades for our residential, commercial and industrial customers. There are many reasons to upgrade your service. This could involve bringing the service up to code or there could be safety issues with the old service.